10 ways to spend school holiday inexpensively?

It's school holiday again. I still remember that when i was younger, school holiday meant non-stop play with my friends. Nowadays kids are different. They would ask where will we go and what will we do even before the school holiday starts. 

However things are expensive during this peak period. Hotel rates goes crazy and the tourist attractions are packed to the brim. Don;t worry, spending time with your kids doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot all the time.

These are a few inexpensive (and effective) ways to spend the school holiday with your kids.

1. Day at the beach. Cost RM0. Prepare food from home and you can spend the whole day there. 

2. Take your children to the local library. Cost RM0.  Registration is free. Just bring a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate or passport.

3. Camp-out in garden or living room depending on weather. Cost RM0.

4. Cook with the children. Cost - your monthly provision. Kids are going to be wild, cleaning maybe challenging but kids love doing what adults are doing.

5. Visit to Art Gallery or Museums. Cost RM0. Some gallery and museum don't charge for admission.

6. Wash your car with the kids. They’ll end up getting more soap and water on themselves than on the car but it will keep them occupied for a good hour or so. They probably won’t even stop unless you tell them to. No guarantees on getting your car cleaned properly though ;)

7.  Fairs & markets. Bring them to Pasar Pagi, pasar tani or flea market happening near you and spend the morning exploring one. Cost RM0.

8. Get crafty. Cost RM0 if you use recycle materials. There are lots of ideas from the internet.
9. Kids Bedroom Make-over. Cost RM0. Kids would get new feel of their room and you get to clean their room effortlessly.

10. Take the kids for a visit to their grandparents, or relatives if they live nearby. Cost RM0. Kids will love being spoilt by the grandparents and your parents/parents-in-law will be happy having their grandchildren around.

Do you have more to add to the list?

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