5 Things to do during Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. As we know, Mother's Day is celebrated on every second Sunday of May every year. It is not know how the celebration originated but it is great to have a day specially dedicated to appreciate and cherish mothers with extra tender, loving and care.

However, we tend to expect people to buy us gifts, or treat us nicely, shower us with love but we forget to love ourselves, for if we don't, how can we expect anybody else to love us? When we learn to love and take care of ourselves, we will end up having more energy to take care and love the people around us.

There are a few ways to start loving and nurturing ourselves, Ummi and the the first step is to get someone to help us to materialized our plans. 

1. Alone time

Your alone time may vary, from book time alone to a long shower. Isn't it great to get a time out for and do something on your own? Tell your husband and kids that you will need a few hours alone and don't forget to express your gratitude and appreciation to them later.

2. Mommies day's out.

What about spending the day with your girlfriends, yes, that means meet a few other mommies to just catching up and laughing with each other. 

3. Go for a date with your husband

When was the last time you went out with your husband. Go catch the latest movie,stroll along the beach, or have a fine dining experience on the ship in Putrajaya. That will definitely spark the love again!

4. Outsource something

If you are always busy with the never ending housework, this is the time to outsource something. It could be cleaning the whole house, or the smallest thing like ironing the school uniform for the week. Use that extra time to do something you like, maybe something in list no. 1?

5. Step back

Try not to be involved in the kids arguments and let them solve the problems themselves.When they come to you and say "Mommy this and mommy that", just take a deep breath and see what happens when you step back for a day. 

Try to be creative and you will be surprise with the outcome. Happy mother's day, Ummiku sayang!

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