The Supermom Syndrome

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Have you heard the supermom syndrome? It is the self-imposed urge to achieve everything expected from us. I bet almost every mommies do experience or have the trait of supermom syndrome. Mothers are expected to fulfill many roles and many mothers are trapped in this perception.

There was a Yahoo! article called “5 Secrets of Supermoms” that caught my attention. It said that

“Supermoms juggle the responsibilities of work, kids and husbands without batting an eye. Somehow, they still have time to host dinner parties, bake cupcakes from scratch and volunteer for charity events.” 

Annoying isn't it? I know i am annoyed.

I am a working at home mother (WAHM) and having a home office means i need to devote time to it. In order to do that, i need to free my time from home duties. So how do i do that? The answer is by delegating some of my work (especially the ones i hate to do).

Firstly, i set the priority. What is important in my life that i have to do on my own? As for me, i know i want to be there when my kids come home from school. I want to help them with their homeworks, play with them in the evening and read them books before they sleep. Thus, i get help for other works like cleaning the house, pick up groceries, doing laundry, folding clothes and etc.

Other than delegating the work, you shouldn't be afraid to get help. You may obtain household help from within and from outside.

Help from within.

It is not necessary to get help by hiring helps or maids. Spouses, children, parents or in-laws can lend a helping hand. Teaching your children to keep their toys away will at least keep your house clean. Your spouse could help bathing the children while your in-law could help pick up groceries when they do go to the market.

Help from outside.

Get help from your neighbours, relatives and friends. I get to know my weekly helper from my neighbour. I have a friend who loves to cater food so sometimes we just ordered lunch or dinner from her. That saves a lot of time and work. You may deal with the parents of your children's schoolmate to alternatively ferry them to and from school. There are plenty of possibilities and resources.

All you need to do is to determine what sort of help you needed and whether you need it on part-time or full-time basis. We can't be "people-pleaser" as it is unhealthy to ourselves and our family. Learn to take care of yourself, seek help, and let go the supermom image because it’s a myth.

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