6 Things All WAHM(ompreneur) Should Take Note

6 Things All WAHM(ompreneur) Should Take Note
by Hani Arziana Abdullah
June 1st 2012
  1.       Have a clear goal why become WAHM and always revisit them
a.       Write it down somewhere the main reason why you choose to be WAHM
b.      List the pro and con of you being a WAHM
c.       Always revisited the note when you start having doubt
d.      Take WAHM as a shift of profession
  2.       Schedule your working hours and your ‘mom’ hours!
a.       This is tough but you need to learn on how to do it
b.      Identify your support team
c.       Get your children to help out or get a helper to do certain task
d.      Create a work time table and past it so that everybody in the house can see
  3.       It is challenge to have your kids around while you are working at home
a.       Kids think you are always ready to meet their needs
b.      You need to reschedule your work around your children if you have young children
c.       Create a list of activities that the older kids can do while you are working
d.      Create a designated space of working and playing
  4.       It is easy to Start A Business but It is not easy to retain themou business
a.       Learn the basic of business
b.      Know your target market and your value proposition
c.       Develop a short term plan and a long term plan for your business
d.      You need a lot of ideas, preserverence, patience and energy to drive your business
  5.       There is no such thing as free marketing.
a.       You need to spend time identifying where your target
b.      You have to drill your brain to come up with the most out of the box marketing campagin
c.       Exchanging banners means you are paying the other person in a form of intangible value
d.      You need to spend a little in order to reach an extra mile 
  6 .       Network! Network! Network!
a.       A process to make yourself known
b.      Build a relationship not a ‘touch & go’ approach
c.       Build trust and get business
d.      The power of word of mouth marketing

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