Know Your Customer

How many times have you try to sell your products but you've got cold shoulder or shrugged away? Do you know your customers before you start selling? You have to bear in mind that all customers are individuals and must be treated as such.

 One of the way to know your customer is by categorizing them. Basically, there are 4 types of customers:-

  1. Type 1: Assertive/Cold
  2. Type 2: Accomodating/cold
  3. Type 3: Accomodating/warm
  4. Type 4: Assertive/warm
Understanding the attitudes and how to open a sale?

  • Type 1: Assertive/cold
They don't trust salesperson as they think a salesperson will try to sell things that they don't want/need. They are tough and resilient and the best defense is offense.

Don't expect warm welcome from them. Keep small talk as minimum as you can. Emphasis sound business reason, make short and precise opening and don't be intimidated.  Don't try to be clever. Let them take the lead, take notes, listen attentively, ask open question. That will help direct the meeting. 
  • Type 2: Accomodating/cold
They don't trust salesperson and will try to avoid any sales making by staying uninvolved as much as possible. 

Expect them to be cool and distant. Be calm and unhurried. Avoid pressure tactic, don;t say too much during opening. Make small talk. Don't expect to make a sale on your first visit. 

  • Type 3: Accomodating/warm
Will buy from their favourite salesperson but will try to make friends will all salespeople who call.

Expect warm welcome but understand that they are warm with everyone. Allow some small talk but don't lose control that you are there for busi

ness reason. Do mention the involvement your company has had with other reputable company. Don't appear too officious or clinical by producing brochures or samples too early. Keep the conversation open. Position yourself as a friendly purchase recommended. 
  • Type 4: Assertive/warm
Will buy products that are demonstrated which will benefit them or the company. This type of customer will also buy from salesperson who can help them, by offering products and a quality of service which exactly satisfy their needs. 

Expect a professional greeting with firm handshake. Take your seat unhurriedly and prepare openly by taking your documents that you will need. Demonstrate your own profesionalism. Opening remarks must be short and natural. Show them you know a fair amount about their company. Be flexible, be prepared to revised your called objectives,. Position yourself as creative, experienced problem solver. 

Hope this helps to provide a manageable basis for dealing with the decision that have to be made. 

Good luck!

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