5 Ways to Stress Less Life

Ramadan is over and Syawal is a busy month. On top of raya celebration, it's also a month full of exams. UPSR next week, SPM and STPM trial starting today. Oh, such a stressful month for all moms. As a mother, how do you cope with the stress?

Here’s how to empower yourself along with how to cope effectively with stress.

1. Reorganize. 

Look at what is inside your plate. Check what makes you stressed out. Set priority and tackle one-by-one. 

2. Rethink.

What your mind tells you “about a potential stressor determines whether it becomes an actual stressor,”. Focus on the positive things. The goal is to get over your negative thinking and accept that while you may not be able to cope with all the work,  you can still try your best.

3. Reduce. 

Don't be too overwhelmed because when you are, even fun things lose their appeal and become stressors. Find optimal stimulation, so you aren’t understimulated (i.e., bored) with your activities or overstimulated (i.e., overwhelmed).

Understand that getting to this balanced place takes trial and error. Also, it takes saying no to things that aren’t that important to you.

4. Relax. 

Some found out that deep breathing or systematic muscle relaxation, for about 20 minutes a day can help tremendously. The best way for Muslim is to devote yourself to Allah swt, by reciting Quran, performing lots of prayer and zikr. Insya Allah, you'll find calmness and be more relax.

5. Response. 

Life is all about responding to the circumstances that happened in your life. If you choose to respond badly, that will definitely add more stressor to your life. You have the ability to respond to your life and that will eventually lead to the kind of life you would be living.

Good luck!

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