Note from Ummikusayang Founder

Picture from SoHoIBU Seminar held on 6th October 2012 at ALIMKids Bookshop.

A note from Puan Lily Maznah Muas,

"I totally support flexi-hours, SoHo concept for moms.

In our company, we have two mothers who work from home. One manages our MomsInBusiness Network and one manages our website. One of them stays in Melaka. We communicate via whatsapp and email. We set deadlines and they fulfill them. So a lot of information that you get from and are their efforts. 

Both of them were computer engineers before they become work at home moms. Apart from working for us, they are also free to run their own business, as long as our deadlines are met.

Now who said graduate moms who choose to stay at home are a waste to the country?"

p/s: If you would like a flexi-hour, SoHo-based career with ALIMKids, come and be our Mobile teachers :)

More info soon...

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